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Debbie Love - Tumbling Instructor, UK

"Our industry needs an up to date app where we can get all our information at the click of a finger. In our fast paced world we need answers  immediately to our cheer questions in order to efficiently coach our athletes to maximize their potential. This app will provide this type of tool for coaches, athletes and parents."


Morton Bergue - USASF

"WOW!!! Cheer Life is so awesome! This is going to be the newest and coolest thing to hit the cheer industry since the megaphone. I can’t wait for every cheerleader to start sharing accomplishments, encouraging each other and working towards goals with the help of their Cheer Life friends from all over the world!! Just the time I have been looking through it, I see something interesting everyday and how this will help gyms run better, athletes do better and most of all bring a new level of FUN to cheer!!"

Santwon McCray - Athlete, Coach, Choreographer

"Being able to have all kinds of training lessons available in one place is going to make it so epic and simple for athletes and coaches to improve their skills!"

David Skaw - Gym Owner, Thunder Elite

"Announcements, scheduling, contests = CONNECTION. There is no better way to connect than to have a specific app to bring our gym together. It will be a welcome asset to our daily workflow."

Matt Smith - Athlete, Cheer Athletics

"I am super excited to be able to make an impact on so many more programs through Cheer Life! I travel the world working with gyms, inspiring their athletes, and the app is going to give me the ability to broaden my reach! Whether its teaching coaches the newest coaching techniques, or working with their athletes, Cheer Life provides the tools to do it all!"