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Here are the steps to download CheerLife:

Step 1: Download from the Apple Store, Google Play or the Android one http://onelink.to/4zs72b 

Step 2: Select our gym and use the following password: 

Cali Camarillo - calicamarillo#2020

Cali Las Vegas - calilasvegas#2020

Cali Livermore - calilivermore#2020

Cali Mesa - calimesa#2020

Cali Ontario - caliontario#2020

Cali San Marcos - calisanmarcos#2020 

 Step 3: That's it, you are in!

How to start a group chat

*Before proceeding, you must be an admin. If you are not, ask Kyle to make you an admin! 

Step 1: Click Chats

Step 2: Click the + button

Step 3: Click Smart Group

Step 4: Click your gym name (might need to scroll down)

Step 5: Click your team name

Step 6: Click Apply 

You do not need to add anyone to the chat. When the athletes and parents download the app and select their team, they will be automatically placed inside the group chat.