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Cheer Life is designed specifically for cheerleading.  Our mission is to impact the industry by connecting athletes to the elite coaches and instructors. Bringing an idea to life in less than two years, we’ve already enabled hundreds of athletes to learn and grow from the best minds in cheerleading. From cutting-edge features like channels and training, we are promoting educational advancement, and giving athletes the ability to become the strongest version of themselves with the experience that is unrivaled. The mobile experience is inevitable, and we created a platform that embraces that while driving athletes and coaches around the world to take action and be their own champion.

Meet The Founders

Dean Gray

Dean is the brains behind the gamification aspect of the app, which entails user engagement and connecting athletes and coaches together from across the globe. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Skylab Apps, Mr. Grey is also the Founder and CIO of Transactive, a mobile merchant and lending application. Mr. Grey has over 20 years of experience in coaching and Gamified learning and is recognized globally as one of the leading experts in community building for lifestyle brands. In 1989, he founded the executive coaching company KMI, now Freestyle and built a network of 200,000 affiliates in 18 countries. 

Jeremy Wong

Jeremy Wong is a global entrepreneur and investor that has owned, operated and invested in more than 15 companies over the past 10 years. He is the visionary and strategic mastermind behind the creation of the CheerLife app as an industry leading tool to enrich the lives of cheerleaders worldwide!

His experience has spanned over multiple industries including the automotive, apparel, restaurant, supplement, event production, entertainment and most notably the cheerleading & dance industry. As a 5-time World Champion, his experience led him to help build a conglomerate known as All Things Cheer & Dance in Canada that has recently merged with Varsity to provide training, events, competitions, choreography, apparel, and music production to 22 different countries and counting. He currently works with top teams across the world and coaches the Team Canada National team program.

With business deals and clients spanning worldwide, he can frequently be found doing business or guest speaking in Norway, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Vietnam, Mexico and all across the United States and Canada. 


Kyle McCarthy

President Kyle McCarthy (President) is an identical twin brother to the CheerLife CEO, Alex McCarthy. They were born and raised in California and come from a family of 7. Kyle grew up in the Bay Area and moved to San Diego where he received a Bachelor's of Science in Construction Engineering from San Diego State University. After college, he worked full time as an engineer for a construction company. But his life didn’t stop there.  Simultaneously, Kyle pursued coaching multiple world championship teams. Along with his competitive cheer career, he was also featured in ‘Bring It On 5 in’ addition to other Hollywood productions such as video games, commercials, and movies.

Alex McCarthy

 Alex McCarthy is a successful engineer, that turned the idea of connecting the cheerleading industry with an application into a reality for cheerleaders across the globe.

Running the show from San Diego, California, Alex has a vast array of experience both in and out of the cheer world. He has competed at the top level as an athlete, coach, and choreographer - competing & coaching with the California All-Stars since 2007. Accompanying a very successful career in cheer, Alex can be seen in films such as Bring it On 5: Fight to the Finish and Fired Up. Outside of cheer, Alex's experience is in engineering, with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering. 


Our Team

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