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Why Your Gym Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Gym Needs a Mobile App

It's no surprise that the most successful companies today have gone mobile. See below for our top reasons why your gym needs to get an app for its customers.

Be Visible to Your Customers at All Times

With access to schedules and behind the scenes content, give your customers access to your brand at all times. You are essentially building an army of brand reps that will grow your business and maximize brand exposure. Increase the athletes coming into your program by giving your current customers access to your gym with your own mobile app.


Push Notifications

With your own mobile app, you OWN IT. You can send push notifications to your customers for updates in real time. You get to control the message you want. This is perfect for highlighting big wins and reaching your customers immediately!

For example - Let your families know TEAM A is on in HALL B in 5 minutes! Or send a message out to your parents that you just received new pro shop gear and to order while it’s still available.

Forget emails and facebook notifications; do this with push notifications and guarantee that your customers will see this in real time.

Group Chat

With your own mobile app, you can customize your group chats. Easily manage your group chats so you can message a specific team, or only your parents, or even just the athletes on your junior team. Communication is the most important asset to a gym owner. By managing all your group chats in your own app, you can cut down on administrative time, and streamline your day to day activities.

Streamline Your Day to Day Tasks

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information is provided to your customers. Reduce the number of emails you get by having all your information conveniently located on your app. From competition schedules, to practice wear, make it all accessible on your own branded app.

Increase Revenue w/ Class Scheduling

With your own Gym Schedule, maximize your group classes and private lessons by giving your customers the ability to schedule and pay for them with the click of a button.  You can use push notifications to market new classes and camps to your customers and use social media to increase exposure and attendance!

Provide Value to your Customers

It is expensive to participate in cheer. With your own custom app, add value to your customer’s experience by providing behind the scenes content, and even recognizing hard working athletes.

CheerLife provides a cheer app for your gym to maximize its revenue and increase retention with your program. Go to our website for more information!