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What is CheerLife?

What is CheerLife?

We are so excited to welcome you to the CheerLife platform. CheerLife is the World’s first mobile digital platform for the cheerleading and dance industry.The cheer world is continuously evolving, and its becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the current trends while running a successful gym in your community. We are the first and only lifestyle platform to integrate into the cheer industry and our mission is to provide gyms the ability to:

  • Communicate with each other efficiently;
  • Schedule & pay for private lessons/group classes;
  • Engage with your program wherever you are,
  • Build & grow your program

To start off, I want to tell you little bit about the “WHY”: why we built CheerLife. We have two visions:

  1. How can we help busy gym owners grow/build their brand and make their company more successful through the use of a mobile app?
  2. How can we give athletes the ability to be recognized for their hard work & dedication? How can we incentivize athletes to WANT to work harder and get in the gym more, through a fun social media style platform?

Simply put, we've set out to create a place the makes athletes more excited to cheer, and we want to do this in a way that helps gym owners build sustainable growth for seasons to come.

About CheerLife

CheerLife is a lifestyle app that provides a custom platform tailored to your gym. We created a single app that connects our industry at a global level, giving you access to elite trends, ideas, content, and support, while giving each gym their own custom platform within that global platform. Essentially, we are supporting your gym’s day to day business, while giving you the ability to connect with the most elite trainers and brands throughout the industry.

By building the app this way, we are giving gym owners and coaches a medium to connect on a global scale, while maintaining the privacy of your program within the walls of your customized platform.

Tools for Coaches & Gym Owners

The app was engineered with all gyms in mind - big and small. We developed a suite of communication tools that are time saving for the busy gym owner. Whether its communicating with teams, parents, prospective athletes, the platform gives you the tools to effortlessly communicate with your user groups. We’ve done this with the following features:

Group Chat: Built by patented identity tag technology, group chart is meant to make it super easy for you to communicate with a specific user group: be it a team, the parents on that team, the whole program, anyone from a specific level, etc.

Channels: Provide your gym a place to push content. You have the power to push content globally to advertise classes, highlight big wins, or market your brand. You can also use channel privately like a bulletin board, so you can share content such as competition meet times and internal gym updates.

Scheduler: Manage your group class schedules and give your coaches the ability to manage private lessons. The app manages the payment process so you don't have to track it yourself. Let your parents schedule and pay for lessons directly from their phones!

Engagement for Athletes

We built the app to provide a fun and engaging medium for the every day athlete. It is no surprise that we all want social recognition, so lets give social recognition where its due. But lets get away from recognizing beach selfies and trendy coffee shops. Instead, lets give recognition for those that work hard and show off their dedication to their sport. By doing so, we can recognize athletes and push them to take ACTION both in and out of the gym. Take a look at some of the features built towards driving you to become a better student athlete.

Actions: Track your daily habits like working out, eating healthy, and being at practice. Every time you track an action, it gets posted to the recognition wall. Track & build a winning attitude, and in turn create positive habits as an athlete. Let your friends follow your progress and comment/encourage your success.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard is built on a point system. Think of it like a game. The more points you have, the higher you get on the leaderboard. Users earn points based off their daily actions and their involvement with content on the app such as completing training lessons.

Badges: Badges recognize users for taking action multiple times on the app. Tracking actions like tumbling, you can receive a badge for hitting milestones (like tumbling 20x). Badges and prizes are fun and can include prizes from brands and sponsors to make rewards worth receiving. 

Download CheerLife HERE: http://onelink.to/4zs72b