Introducing CheerLife

World’s first mobile digital platform for the cheerleading and dance industry.

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Custom App for Your Gym

Get your own custom branded app that pairs the power of CheerLife with a look and feel that’s all your own

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Communicate, Engage, Reward

CheerLife created a powerful communication tool to streamline the day to day communication in your gym

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Custom App for Your Gym

With your own custom CheerLife app: give your gym the tools to success with a suite of features built around your program.  

With CheerLife, you can manage your group class schedules & private lessons, engage with your program, and streamline your communication, all in one app. Take your program to new heights with CheerLife.

  • Group Chat

    Message teams, Athletes, parents, & cheer community.

    Powered by patented Identity-Tag technology, group chat allows you to send a message to your entire program, a team, or even just the parents on a team with in  seconds!

  • Channels

    Share gym news, market classes, advertise fundraisers.

    For the most important events in the gym, use your channel to post practice schedules, promote a fundraiser, or market tumbling classes. Channels can also be subscription based as a way to fundraise in the gym.

  • Schedule

    Easily manage your schedule, clients and sales —all from the palm of your hand. Mobile, flexible and real-time.

  • Training

    Become a champion with elite training content.

    Access to Elite Training Content for coaching tips, how to train, and how to maximize profits in the gym.

  • Action tracking

    Track your training & your daily habits like stretching, tumbling, and working out.

    Build winning attitudes and habits with  your athletes by having them train & track their actions on the app. Follow their progress, encourage success & reward athletes for actions with prizes.

  • Leaderboard

    Compete against cheerleaders and show off your dedication

Benefits of CheerLife

Increase revenue, build brand awareness, and drive engagement

  • Fully Customizable

     Complete admin controls on the web to easily manage your gym's content, add & promote group classes, along with broadcast messaging. No more emails, send push notifications to reach your gym members in seconds.

  • Increase gym revenue

    With our suite of features, save time on administrative duties, increase revenue by maximizing group classes and private lessons, and use channels to generate additional revenue for the gym. Great for team fundraising.

  • Build & promote your brand

    Let your customers know what details set your product apart from the competition.

  • Payment Processor

    Manage the flow of private lessons & group classes effortlessly.


"WOW!!! Cheer Life is so awesome! This is going to be the newest and coolest thing to hit the cheer industry since the megaphone. I can’t wait for every cheerleader to start sharing accomplishments, encouraging each other and working towards goals with the help of their Cheer Life friends from all over the world!! Just the time I have been looking through it, I see something interesting everyday and how this will help gyms run better, athletes do better and most of all bring a new level of FUN to cheer!!"

I am super excited to be able to make an impact on so many more programs through Cheer Life! I travel the world working with gyms, inspiring their athletes, and the app is going to give me the ability to broaden my reach! Whether its teaching coaches the newest coaching techniques, or working with their athletes, Cheer Life provides the tools to do it all!

Our industry needs an up to date app where we can get all our information at the click of a finger. In our fast paced world we need answers  immediately to our cheer questions in order to efficiently coach our athletes to maximize their potential. This app will provide this type of tool for coaches, athletes and parents.

"Announcements, scheduling, contests = CONNECTION. There is no better way to connect than to have a specific app to bring our gym together. It will be a welcome asset to our daily workflow." - David Skaw, Owner of Thunder Elite

"Being able to have all kinds of training lessons available in one place is going to make it so epic and simple for athletes and coaches to improve their skills!"